This section is targeted at those users, who are now considering where and which device to purchase as well as those who have already been using our equipment. We will tell the first ones in detail how servicing works in our company and the second ones we will inform on how to solve their issues in a timely and clear way.

When purchasing our equipment, you get

1. Device delivery, software installment and setup on your personal computer.
2. Trained on how to use the device, when all the modes are explained.
3. Full-fledged technical documentation with all the authorization papers.
4. Your equipment placed into service and Commissioning Cerificate formalized. Your warranty period starts with the signing of the Certificate.
5. The minimum warranty peiod for the equipment is 24 months at a minimum.
6. Free advice throughout equipment whole life cycle:
• advice is given over the mobile phone and Internet (Viber, Skype, Telegram)
• service technicians which connect to your computer remotely via TeamViewer.
7. All the issues related to the work of the equipment addressed in the shortest time possible:
• in the first place, via remote access as described above
our technician comes to your site;, if needed
a substitute device, when your device is being serviced, if you prefer.
8. Free software updates.
9. Medical equipment modernization after devices of the next generation come out.
10. Assistance in selecting and purchasing the expendables.
11. Specialized scientific, practical and technical literature.
12. Advice on how to organise your room.
13. Information on scientific congresses, conferences, symposiums thematically related to the installed devices.


The warranty period for all our devices is 2 years.

Free advice

When you buy our medical equipment, you automatically receive a termless opportunity to get FREE advice regarding its work.


Skype: dxsystems
Online from 9AM to 5.30PM


Telegram: dx_systems


+38 (067) 572-49-49
+38 (067) 570-68-86




When installing our medical equipment our customer care professionals mandatorily familiarize the users with general principles of operation of the device, its service conditions and operating modes. If the doctor is not familiar with the basis of the diagnostic technique, we can advise on a trainig organisation to turn to for a short-term training.

Diagnostics and Repairs

We promtly react to service orders. We address issues both via TeamViewer -remotely- and onsite.

Place a request:
  • 1 Leave your contact details
  • 2 Our account manager will contact you in the soonest possible time

1-Click Software Update

We made the process of software updating as simple as possible. You need to be connected to the Internet and have a permission to use it for our software. On the Tools Menu select «Check for Updates» in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Software update assisted by our customer care professional

Contact our programmer to get promt assisstance with software updating.

Contact our consultant

We supply you with expendables

We provide you with all the necessary expendables that go with our diagnostic devices.
Just turn to our account manager with a request. Electrodes of various types, fixing caps, bands and gels, straps and holders, tripods and racks – all these can be easily ordered over the phone or email.

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