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Successful and timely diagnostics is directly related not only to doctor’s qualification and experience, but also to the quality and level of diagnostics equipment. The same as a person with health issues looks for a good professional, a diagnostician looks for a modern and good quality device for work.

M-TEST ONE electromyography device produced by NVP “DX-Systems” encompasses a wide range of functions, advanced technical characteristics and handiness.

This electromyography device will be useful for neurologists, neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons, endocrinologists, rheumatologist and doctors in sports medicine.

Why M-TEST ONE electromyography devices?

1 Intuitively clear control Each button is in its place

Quite often, even experienced doctors tend to face certain difficulties when mastering new equipment. With that in mind we created a handy control interface to become doctor’s reliable assistant in no time.

2 Individual Approach Customized Set for Each Clinic

Each medical establishment has its distinctive features. The necessity of certain modules, accessories and expendables depends on the tasks, facilities and resources and doctor’s work routine. DX-Systems is ready to spare the customer redundant purchases by ensuring a customized M-TEST ONE set in accordance with customers’ needs. This will add to diagnostician’s comfort and make the process of EMG recording handier, no matter where you work.

3 Easy to Relocate and Connect Mobile and Light

M-TEST ONE electromyography device is possible to connect to either a PC or a laptop, depending on the make you have. This broadens your diagnostic capacity – in case of a laptop, the mobility of electomyogram recording grows to a great extent.
M-TEST ONE has small dimentions and light weight. You can relocate and connect the device on your own (the set contains a detailed instruction manual). When installing the device, DX-Systems engineer will give you a detailed explanation as to how to connect and use it. Should any questions arise, our trained professionals are ready to provide you with as detailed information as necessary -over the phone, via email or in personal.


DX-Systems summed up electromyography device requests and for diagnostic purposes is now offering M-TEST ONE in several modifications depending on the number of channels, set of methods and availability of the evoked potentials mode.

Which modification suits you best?

DX- systems account managers are always happy to help their customers choose the right modification and accessories for their myography systems. Our trained professionals will give you a detailed explanation as to the functions of M-TEST ONE electromyography devices and ask you all the necessary clarifying questions before you decide on M-TEST ONE model that suits you best.

What can M-TEST ONE do?

Мигательный рефлекс

M-TEST ONE computer electromyography device records a 1-, 2- and 4-channel electromyogram. The order and set of methods are doctor’s decision depending on indications for the examination.
The database stores patient details, the recorded electromyogram and the results of its analysis. The device is equipped with a full set of functions for a handy and quick work with voluminous electromyogram archives.
While recording an electromyogram and its review you can customise the amplitude and time scanning and print ot the recorded EMG straight away. The final findings you receive as tables, graphs or diagrams and the final assessment report can be built in the way you prefer.

  • M-TEST ONE electromyograph makes it possible to register a spontaneous muscle activity with two types of surface pickup electrodes: with variable and fixed inter-electrode distance.
    The system identifies key parameters for intereferential EMG: whole muscle electrical activity and peak and mean signal amplitudes.
    For orthopedic dentistry a chewing test is envisaged additionally.
    Muscle voluntary actions in patients with chronic headache can be looked into by means of exteroceptive suppression function.
    Stimulation EMG Methods
    M-TEST ONE registers muscle evoked response obtained through stimulation electrodes during electric peripheral nerve stimulation. When analysed М-Response is looked into along the following characteristics: generation threshold, latency time and amplitudes, durations and areas, residual latency and impulse conduction velocity and values shift.
    M-TEST ONE makes it possible to expolre nerve action potential where sensory conduction velocity (NCV) is measured.
    When exploring delayed responses F-wave is analysed (latency, motor conduction velocity, chrono dispersion, tacheodispersion, mean velocity, F-wave amplitude and F/M ratio) and H-reflex parameters are evaluated under the single and paired stimuli approach (latency, amplitude, H-reflex threshold and H/M ratio shift).
    M-TEST ONE enables the user to record a rhythmic EMG (including M-response decrement) and carry out pharmacologic and stress testing, including tetanization and post-tetanization phenomena analysis to specify the character of neuromuscular transmission defect. To explore the state of relex arches conduction systems M-TEST ONE is equipped with the function of blink reflex testing.
    Needle EMG.
    Muscle spontaneous activity is analysed, motor unit potentials are singled out and explored. Durations, amplitudes and areas are measured. Band voicing is envisaged for EMG auditory assessment. The device is equipped with needle EMG turns-amplitude analysis.
    Evoked Potentials Assessment Methods.
    M-TEST ONE makes it possible to explore evoked potentials (EP):
    – by recording and analysing flash EP
    – сheckerboard pattern stimulated visual evoked potentials
    – longlatency auditory EP
    – cognitive EP – contingent negative variation (CNV) and P300
    – shortlatency somatosensory EP.

When developing M-TEST ONE, we put much effort into making databases easy to handle. Patient data, recorded electromyograms and EMG findings are stored on the PC. You will have access to a full range of functions for comfortable work with electronic patient card index and voluminous archives you are going to accumulate over years of operating our electromyograph.

To spare you wasting your presious time on drawing reports, we developed the “Assessment Report Wizzard” mode. It is used to put together your final findings. Examination results may be handed out as a hard copy, sent via email or a local network.
Note that the results of EMG statistical analysis are automatically displayed in the handy format.

An option of all EMG data export to share the findings with colleagues for the sake of practice and research.

Software Demonstration

When working on the functionality of our devices we are constantly in touch with neurophysiology practicioners for their feedback, because we strive for creating a modern and handy multifunctional device.
In the first place it concerns M-TEST electromyography software. To make sure M-Test is what you need, get M-TEST demo.

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Interferential Myography


F-wave and Stimulation Myography


Needle Myography and Turns Amplitude Analysis

We are trying to provide our customers with as much information as possible and, therefore, ensuring free access to M-TEST demo.

You can get access in three steps:

  • 1Leave your email address, where we will send the link.
  • 2After clicking "Get Access" you will receive an email message within an hour.
  • 3Download the software and follow the step-by-step guide.

Technical Support


Electromyograph Comes with Servicing during the whole Time of Use

  • 1 We are ready to provide you with advice on any question you have regarding the work of our medical equipment.
  • 2 We do device servicing.
  • 3 We organise calibration upon customer’s first demand.
  • 4 We take on responsibility for ensuring you with software updates.
  • 5 We provide you with all the necessary expedables.
  • 6 EMG “M-Test ONE” is provided with all necessary consumables – to order just contact the company’s office.



  • 1. We will do our best to ensure remote assistance: over the phone, via email or Skype or by using TeamViewer.
  • 2. If remote assistance does not solve the problem, we send out our technician to look into the issue on-site.
  • 3. If the device needs to be transported to our service centre for servicing, we provide you with a substitute device for the whole period.

Customer Loyalty Program

DX-Systems has developed three generations of M-TEST ONE electromyography devices and installed those devices in dozens of clinics, being in constant touch with the doctors, which are operating them.

We are on good terms with all our customers and for each of them we have a permanent offer.

If you have been using M-TEST ONE electromyography device already, you are ensured with a personal considerable discount on the new models of this series.

If you are considering becoming our customer, we will ensure you with the discount on all the electromyography models you buy after your first purchase.


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