«BRAINTEST» Electroencephalography Devices

In the modern world a computer encephalography device is one of the most significant examination tools. Encephalography devices help obtain an objective picture of brain electrical activity, they enable the doctor to arrive at accurate findings and help the patients with a CNS pathology.
Electroencephalography devices are applied in a wide range of places: neurology, psychiatric, neurosurgical and addiction clinics and departments, intensive care units, emergency and immediate care institutions, core diagnostic centres, sports medicine and rehabilitation centres, extended care facilities, scientific and academic institutions.
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Электронейромиографы «M-Test neuro»

«M-TEST» Electroneuromyography Devices

M-TEST is not an almigthy device. However, it will take your diagnostics to a new level of quality by helping ensure comprehensive assessment of the state of patient neuromuscular system and come up with an accurate diagnosis, control the effectiveness of the assigned therapy and lay the foundations for correcting earlier decisions with rehabilitation and sports medicine.

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Комп’ютерний реограф «RHEOTEST»

«RHEOTEST» Computer Rheography Devices

RHEOTEST makes it possible to carry out a non-invasive examination of brain, extremities and visceral circulation. It also ensures an opportunity of analysing a rheogram under the automatic mode, followed by assessment report building and printing out information selected by the doctor out of the data array.

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Електрокардіограф «CARDIOTEST»

«CARDIOTEST» Electrocardiography Devices

It is hard to imagine the work of a modern doctor, no matter how vast their cardiological practice was, without an electrocardiology device – a significant diagnostic tool. CARDIOTEST ensures an easy and promt objective data obtaining about the state of patient cardio-vascular system at rest and during stress testing.

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